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Get the First Defence to Protect Your Home Appliances

1 First defence house prefilter, protect your water-related equipments.

2 Lead-free environmentally friendly brass is safe and durable.

3 316L stainless steel  filter mesh is flushable and reusable.

4 40-110μm is optional, meet your various needs and different water quality.

5 Food grade PC filter bowl has anti-freezing and water hammer resistant capabilities.

6 See-through housing provides easy visual monitoring.

7 BPA-free, more secure and effective anti-leakage.

8 Regular auto-flushing and precise brushing keep its performance in control.

9 Open the valve to simulate the process of household water purification.

10 Large water volume, do not reduce the household water pressure into the household.

11 Close the water-using equipments, easy to drain by twisting drain valve.

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